Getting ready for fridays shoot

Today I am getting things ready for a shoot for Twin Cities Luxury and Fashion Magazine on friday-As it is for the spring issue and we are still deep in snow and ice here we have decided to shoot it at the massive greenhouses where Bachmanns grow their plants and flowers for all the stores-thanks to Bachmanns for allowing us to do that.

Should give the shoot some great colour aswell as an industrial feel of high fashion-my great team includes Faathima Ampey on hair,Andrea Holton on make up and the beautiful Lauren Wade fresh back from my home town of London as our model-Christina will be pulling some amazing outfits and Todd will be art directing the shoot with Lori Storm-I believe the Editor ,my good friend,Andrew Rice will be popping down to check it out and all and all I think it will be a great day-As usual my assistan Matt will be on board keeping track of all my gear etc-

I am planning having someone filming parts of the shoot so that I can upload it to my blog for people to see-I know that I always enjoy seeing what goes into the making of a great fashion shoot and hope that you will enjoy it too.

We will be shooting the front cover plus a nine page shoot-


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