fashion and fun in the twin cities

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Had a busy couple of weeks with Metro Magazines Fashion Fight Night III as well as pushing out lots of new promo pieces and the release of my latest fashion spread and cover in this months Twin Cities Luxury and Fashion Magazine-

zip hair

zip hair

The work continues on the 3 cook books that I have been shooting-Food photography is a lot of fun and a great challenge that I enjoy!

Yesterday my good friend and talented musician Tim Mahoney popped over to see me and played me his soon to be released new single “your not alone” which is fantastic-we are talking about doing some more pictures soon which would be great as Tim is always a joy to shoot-check out

got alot of pictures of him that I shot and you can listen to some of his great music-

Anyway- fashion photography in the twin cities is still as always a challenge but one I love .

Ingrid and I are starting to get the wheels rolling on putting together some photography workshops in the twin cities and model portfolio shoots

Cheerio my friends


New pic of me

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Shelly Mossman shot a new headshot of me today so for those of you who dont know what I look like-Here it is

Tis me

Tis me

Timberwolves Dance Team Poster

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Here is the poster I shot for the Timberwolvestw_dancers_poster_0809_090120dancers_0809_poster_500_090120

upcoming week

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Hi all
This week I have the pleasure of shooting Daniel Green on tuesday for the covers of the cookbooks we are working on-Dan is a television chef,ex shop NBC america host and current host on QVC in england-he also has many books out and has appeared in countless tv shows.Great guy and great friend-looking forward to shooting him.
On friday I have the honor of shooting Kellie Oliver for her new website promoting her amazing beauty product range-the good old boys from NADA Advertising will be working with me on that and it should be a great day.
Post new pics soon-
Just found out that Twin Cities Business Monthly has come out and one of my pics is on the cover-looking forward to seeing it-puts my covers in the mid thirties!!
Cheers all

Amazing shoot yesterday

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What a great shoot yesterday for Twin Cities fashion &  Luxury magazine-Cover and 8 page spread-It went like a dream and we got some fantastic pictures-I believe this is my 35th cover in 4 years-

Couldnt love my job more-lets just hope the work keeps on coming in!!

I am attaching some  pics of the team getting ready-the magazine comes out at the end of feb so those of you in the twin cities keep your eyes pealed Рfor all others around the world I will post the printed pics then-but here as at least a good taster of what went on yesterday!

Have a good weekend all


Getting ready for fridays shoot

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Today I am getting things ready for a shoot for Twin Cities Luxury and Fashion Magazine on friday-As it is for the spring issue and we are still deep in snow and ice here we have decided to shoot it at the massive greenhouses where Bachmanns grow their plants and flowers for all the stores-thanks to Bachmanns for allowing us to do that.

Should give the shoot some great colour aswell as an industrial feel of high fashion-my great team includes Faathima Ampey on hair,Andrea Holton on make up and the beautiful Lauren Wade fresh back from my home town of London as our model-Christina will be pulling some amazing outfits and Todd will be art directing the shoot with Lori Storm-I believe the Editor ,my good friend,Andrew Rice will be popping down to check it out and all and all I think it will be a great day-As usual my assistan Matt will be on board keeping track of all my gear etc-

I am planning having someone filming parts of the shoot so that I can upload it to my blog for people to see-I know that I always enjoy seeing what goes into the making of a great fashion shoot and hope that you will enjoy it too.

We will be shooting the front cover plus a nine page shoot-

Now im a blogger!?!

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Well it’s great to finally have an area where I can let you all know what’s going on with work , post pictures and even some videos so you can see what goes on behind the scenes at some of my shoots-I hope that I will be able to add intresting stuff on regular basis and that you will check back on a regular basis-